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Interested in hearing the latest information on issues impacting the lodging industry that are still under consideration at the state Capitol for the last day of legislative session tomorrow?

For the key bills that will matter to you, such as Regional Transit Authorities, Smoking on Balconies outside sleeping rooms/units, Allowed Distance for TOD Signs for your property, Private Septic System Requirements, a proposed New Hire Tax Benefit for Small Businesses, and your rights as an employer in your meetings with employees during unionization efforts, you will not only hear developments from the past two days since our last Brief, but also learn who you should contact to have your voice heard NOW! (continue reading)


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This week is the last week of regular session for both the state Senate and state Assembly for the two-year legislative session, meaning the 698 Senate bills and 961 Assembly bills introduced to date must have had public hearings by their assigned committees and have passed both houses by adjournment this Thursday in order to survive and be sent to the Governor to sign into law…

There are so many issues that WIA is tracking and working on for your behalf (over 90 issues and over 150 bills), but the following are a few still in the works that you may find of interest…(continue reading)


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