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good-times-ahead-by-punki:)The 2009 Hunter Investment Conference wrapped up Tuesday, March 17th and this article details a shift in attitudes seen among attendees.

Here are some quotes from the article:

  • “We will get through this [downturn].  This is a profitable industry and it is a growth industry globally.  It will be hard to keep us down.”  Jim Anhut – InterContinental Hotel Group
  • “You have to remain vigilant because there will be great opportunity presenting itself to you and you have to be ready.”  Nancy Johnson – Carlson Hotels Worldwide
  • “…yes, we have issues, but the sky is not falling and is unlikely to fall. We have been through times of dramatic change and the hotel business has never gone back to where it was before. When we come out of this it’ll be a different normal. But that’s OK. We will always be adapting to the future with new products, markets and ways to attract and manage customers and business.”   Peggy Berg – The Highland Group

Also, Jan Freitag of Smith Travel Research “cautioned against discounting” saying “Discounting not only hurts in the moment but hurts for a very long time afterward.  Think about what you are saying to a customer on what a room is worth.”

What do you think?  Are you optimistic about the opportunities the economy has presented?


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