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From the Los Angeles Times:

A comfy mattress and a hot breakfast are still important to hotel guests, but free wireless Internet access is the most desired amenity, according to a new survey of 53,000 travelers.

The survey by J.D. Power & Associates found that free Wi-Fi was the most important for guests in nearly every segment of the hotel industry, from luxury hotels to budget lodging.

Of guests staying at mid-scale hotels, 96% said they got free Wi-Fi, as did 64% of guests at budget hotels, according to the survey of guests who stayed in hotels from May 2009 to June 2010. None who stayed in luxury hotels said they got free wireless Internet.

Hotels are likely to feel more pressure to offer the service free of charge, said Stuart Greif, vice president and general manager of the global travel and hospitality practice at J.D. Power. He noted that travelers can now get free Wi-Fi from many businesses, including Starbucks coffee shops and McDonald’s restaurants.

The entire article from the Los Angeles Times is available here.

If your property offers wireless or wired Internet access (free or pay-per-use), make sure you’re using the High Speed Internet amenity icon on your property’s listing page at To add the icon to your listing page, email Michelle in the WH&LA office.


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WH&LA was asked to share the following message from the Department of Tourism’s survey vendor:

Click to see the 2009 State Report

Davidson-Peterson Associates has been commissioned by the Wisconsin Tourism Department to conduct a survey of lodging properties as one element in an economic impact study for the state of Wisconsin. To have accurate and complete information to help the state better promote tourism, the study depends on accurate information and widespread participation. Please be assured that all information that you provide us is absolutely confidential. It will never be shared or otherwise distributed without your express written consent.

The third quarter of data collection for the 2010 Lodging Manager Survey will begin the week of August 30th and your participation will increase the accuracy of the study.


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The number of families planning to travel with children in 2010 is 92%, up 4% from last year, according to TripAdvisor’s annual family survey. Of the 1,100 travelers surveyed, 28% expect to spend more on family trips in the coming year than they did in the past 12 months – which can mean increased occupancy and revenue for lodging properties.

The survey also covered topics like international and expanded domestic travel, popular destinations, common problems when travelling with children and how to entertain kids while in the air/on the road.

To view all the survey results, click here.


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