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The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) recently launched an awareness campaign entitled “Search Smarter”  aimed at helping travelers avoid lost reservations, additional fees, and ruined vacations.

Americans make 500 online hotel bookings every 60 seconds, but evidence from new, extensive polling data from the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) suggests they’re not getting the deal they think they are. The two culprits are (1) online booking scams and (2) misleading marketing messages perpetrated by online travel agencies and their third-party affiliates.

Additional research reveals that online scams made through fraudulent sites are on the rise, resulting in 55 million “bad” bookings of this type each year, costing consumers $3.9 billion.  In 2015, just 6% of travelers reported booking on what they believed was a hotel’s official website, only to find they had booked on a fraudulent site not affiliated with the hotel. Just two years later, the number of travelers who have experienced this has nearly quadrupled to 22%. • Seniors in particular have major concerns about the lack of transparency in online booking – many of which are due to bad experiences. 1 in 10 consumers 65 or older say they have accidentally booked with a fake site when intending to book directly with a hotel.

AHLA Position

Transparency, consumer choice, and guest satisfaction are at the core of the hotel industry’s business model. AHLA is raising awareness among consumers, Congress, and federal agencies to make sure guests have all the necessary information prior to booking their hotel reservations. With so many ways to book a reservation, it’s important to make sure consumers understand how to slow down, search smarter and make the best decisions throughout the booking process for themselves and their families. Consumers should know what to look for before they book a hotel reservation.

Visit https://ahla.com/SearchSmarter to learn more about the “Search Smarter” campaign.


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The AHLA Stars of the Industry awards program was created more than 45 years ago to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the lodging industry. While the categories have evolved over the years, the concept is still the same — to honor lodging employees and properties that best symbolize the quality service of the industry. They want to hear your story!

The AHLA  is now accepting nominations for their STARS of the member companies, properties, and employees are eligible to submit an entry. Nonmembers will not be considered. Not sure if your property is an AH&LA member? Just reach out to AHLA Member Services at membership@ahla.com or (202) 289-3100.

Specific award categories are given based on property size. Size distinctions are small property(250 rooms or less) or large property (250 rooms or more). Important points to know about nominations:

  • Nominees can be either self or peer-nominated.
  • Support documentation may not exceed 10 pages. Videos may not exceed 3 minutes.
  • Incomplete entries will not be considered.

This year’s Stars of the Industry awards highlight the best employees from five coveted categories.

  • North Star Award: Lodging Employee of the Year 
  • General Manager of the Year 
    • Small property (250 rooms or less)
    • Large property (250 rooms or more)
  • Stevan Porter Emerging Hospitality Leader of the Year 
  • Paving the Way Award: Women In Lodging 
  • Innovation of the Year

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Survey results from The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) showed the valuable partnerships hotels and the travel sector have in cities across the country. According to the survey, the hotel industry is critical to local economics, career opportunities, community development, tax revenue, and growth.

Data was collected by more than 100 mayors, representing cities of 30,000 or more. The AH&LA Education Foundation funded the survey. Check out the key survey findings below, or click here to read the Executive Summary.

  • Tourism and the hospitality industry was cited as the second largest sector of the economy 20%; the healthcare industry was cited as the largest sector at 28%.
  • Nine out of ten mayors said their community would benefit from more hotels.
  • 70% of mayors believe hotels and lodging provide the best opportunity, benefits, and wages within the tourism industry.
  • 68 % of mayors report hotels and lodging are the largest contributors to their city’s destination marketing fund.



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While the AH&LA Stars of the Industry employee nominations are only open to the WH&LA award winners that were honored at our Wisconsin Lodging Conference, there are many Lodging Property Achievement Awards that you may submit nominations direct to AH&LA for.  Visit http://www.ahla.com/Stars/ to review information regarding the various award categories and to submit your information. The deadline to submit your nomination is February 15, 2013.


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This discount is good for all AH&LA members and does not expire! Click the above photo to learn more about Educational Institute products.


Ensure the smooth and efficient running of your property by training those positions closest to your guests. The Skills Training online programs focus on job specific responsibilities and tasks with emphasis on the importance of getting to know your property, safety procedures, and security policies every employee must know and follow. The four programs utilize video segments, interactive activities, printable checklists and worksheets, as well as a 25-question quiz at the end of each programs to test learner mastery of the required knowledge and skills. It takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete each online program. Users have three months’ access to the program. The four key positions targeted by the Skills Training programs are: Front Desk Representative, Guestroom Attendant, Maintenance Employee, and Restaurant Server.

Click the image to learn more or purchase this item from the American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute.


From the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA):

Worldwide, more than a million children are trafficked each year, primarily for sexual or labor exploitation. It’s not just a problem in developing countries; it’s here in the United States. During this webinar, panelists and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, will discuss what hoteliers should look for to identify trafficking, steps to take if you suspect trafficking, how to work with local authorities, and resources available.

The live webinar is scheduled for October 16, 1 – 2:30 p.m. CDT.

Jennifer Silberman, vice president, corporate responsibility, Hilton Worldwide
Brenda Raley, senior director, performance training, Choice Hotels
Bret Limage, assistant general counsel, Choice Hotels
Mar Smith, PhD, executive director, Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking
Beatríz R. Menanteau, Esq., The Advocates for Human Rights

AH&LA Chair Nancy Johnson, executive vice president, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

This Webinar is courtesy of Carlson Rezidor, and is complimentary to AH&LA members and $99 for nonmembers.

Register online here (AH&LA members only).
Download the registration form here.
Please note: AH&LA non-members must download and complete the registration form.


This new book has a solid understanding of revenue management’s key concepts and the application of effective revenue management strategies and tactics that have become critical for today’s hospitality operations. General Managers, marketing professionals, front office managers, revenue managers, and financial professionals within a hospitality operation will all benefit from the practical revenue management information presented in this book. Readers will learn the difference between strategic and tactical revenue management and why that distinction is critical, the tools that are available to revenue managers and when to use them, the broad range of information needed to effectively maximize revenue, vital issues to consider before implementing revenue management tactics, how revenue management is often misunderstood and applied inappropriately, the significant potential consequences of using revenue management poorly, as well as the benefits it can provide when done well.

Click the image to learn more or purchase this item from the American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute.


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Reach the most job seekers in hospitality and streamline the entire hiring process with HCareers.com. AH&LA members receive an exclusive 20% discount on HCareers job postings. Learn more about this discount here.


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From the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA):

For 2011, the U.S. lodging industry posted pre-tax profits of $21.6 billion – up from $18 billion in 2010 – and $137.5 billion in sales – up from $127.7 billion in 2010, according to the AH&LA Lodging Industry Profile (LIP), an annual statistical analysis of the industry.  This $137.5 billion contributed to an overall $813 billion in tourism sales, with resident and international travelers’ expenditures in the U.S. estimated at $2.2 billion/day; $92.8 million/hour; $1.5 million/minute; and $25,700/second.

The percentage of international travelers to the U.S. increased four percent from 59.7 million in 2010, to a record 63.2 in 2011; arrivals from overseas travelers increased by six percent to a record 27.9 million.  The top 10 countries in terms of U.S. arrivals for 2011 were Canada (21 million), Mexico (13.4 million) the United Kingdom (3.8 million), Japan (3.2 million), Germany (1.8 million), France (1.5 million), Brazil (1.5 million), South Korea (1.1 million), China (1.1 million), and Australia (1 million).  These 10 countries accounted for 80 percent of U.S. international visitors.

AH&LA’s LIP provides a comprehensive, easy-to-read list of these and other significant facts about the lodging, travel, and tourism industries, including employment impact; international travel statistics; and property and room breakdowns by location, rate, and size.

The complete 2012 AH&LA Lodging Industry Profile is available on AH&LA’s Information Center page here.


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