January 11: Senate to Vote on COVID-19 Liability Protections
January 11: Paid Leave for COVID-19 & PPP
January 8: Update on WI COVID-19 Lodging Grants
January 7: COVID-19 Liability & PPP Updates
January 5: State Grants & Action on COVID Liability Shield

December 22: COVID Relief Bill Provides Needed PPP
December 15: Last Chance to Save Hotel Jobs
December 3: Gov. Evers Announces Grants for Hotel & Lodging Facilities
November 16: WI Properties Slapped w/ ADA Lawsuits Due to Websites
November 15: Important Info on WI Grant Program
November 5: New Faces in the WI State Legislature
November 4: WI Election Overview
October 29: Last Chance to Apply for WI Lodging Grant 
October 28: Grant Program Update for Multiple Property Manager 
October 27: Update on WI Lodging Grant Program
October 21: Webinar on Grant Program from WI Lodging Properties 
October 19: Grant Application for WI Lodging Program
October 16: Update on Lodging Property Grant Program for COVID-19
October 15: State Hotel & Lodging $20 Million Grant Program Opening Soon
October 6: State Limits Indoor Gathering Capacity to 25%
October 6: State Launches Grant Program for Hotel & Lodging Industry
October 1: Congress Needs to Hear From You Today!
September 30: State to Release Identity of Businesses w/ COVID Cases
September 28: Wisconsin Could Lose Nearly Half of Hotels & Lodging Establishments without Financial Assistance
September 22: Mask Mandate Extended by Gov. Evers Administration
July 30: WI Mask Mandate Announced by Gov. Evers Administration
July 1: Update to Dane County Restrictions on Bars & Restaurants Due to COVID-19
June 25: WEDC We're All In Grant - Extended to Friday, June 26, 11:59 pm
June 17: Take Action on COVID-19 Liability
June 15: Apply today for $2,500 WEDC Grants
June 1: Lodging Survey Results Plus Clarifications
May 28: May 28 Key Issues Update
May 22: DATCP Guidelines for Pools & Water Attractions
May 21: New Lodging Guidance from DATCP, and More
May 19: May 19 State Updates
May 14: May 14 Update & Resources
May 13: Supreme Court Rules DHS Exceeded Authority in their Latest Safest at Home Order
May 11: Action Alert! 
May 8: Governor Releases New Industry State Guidelines for Getting Back to Business 
May 6: New WI Tourism Data, New Agency & More May 6 Updates
May 1: Latest for May 1
April 27: New Emergency Order #34; J-1 & H2B Clarifications; Lodging Survey Results
April 24: Back to Business Plan, PPP Added Funding and FAQ's, J-1Visas
April 21: "Bounce Back" Order #31, More
April 20: Important DOR Payment Extension, Order #28 FAQ's & New Clarification
April 16: New Emergency Order, Latest Survey Results, More News
April 14: Last Chance with Assembly Today
April 7: Status on Potential Loans and More
April 2: Numerous Updates!
March 31: Important Clarification for B & B's, Tourist Rooming Houses, Campgrounds
March 30: Requested State Assistance and New WH&LA Guide for Lodging Employees
March 27: Latest Lodging Industry Info on COVID-19
March 24: Governor/DHS Emergency Order #12 Safer at Home Order Released
March 23: Lodging Survey Results & State COVID-19 Update
March 22: SBA COVID19 Loans for WI. Businesses Authorized & Top Resources to Watch
March 18: WH&LA COVID-19 Survey Results Overview & New Updates
March 17: Important COVID-19 New Emergency Order #5 and More
March 16: The Latest on Coronavirus for March 16
March 12: Coronavirus Latest & Senate Bill Advance
March 10: Coronavirus Resources for the Lodging Industry in Wisconsin
February 21: Results from Assembly Session
February 19: Up for Votes Tomorrow!

December 23: Important State Law Change Alert
February 21: State Updates for February 21
January 31: New State Legislative Resources & WH&LA Action Day April 10 
January 14: A New State Legislative Landscape for 2019/20

November 15: New Sales Tax Guide for Lodging & Short Term Rental Guides
November 12: General Election Overview
October 29: White House Invitation Update
September 25: The Latest on Short-Term Rentals
August 15: New Federal Per Diem Rates Starting October 1
August 14: CO Detectors and Short-Term Rentals Updates
July 24: Handy Roster of Wisconsin Candidates for Office
June 28: The Latest on Short-Term Rentals
June 7: Personal Property Tax Update & Short-Term Rental Ruling
April 26: What Passed & What Failed at End of Our State Session
March 29: Important Pool Updates & Interpretations from DATCP
March 21: State Senate Wraps Up, But All Is Not Over
March 15: March 15 Update & Message From WH&LA Past Chairs
March 5: Issues Updates
February 23: State Session Close to Finish Line
February 19: Coming Up This Week at the Capitol
February 7: The Latest State Issues for Today Feb. 7
January 9: New State Legislative Updates

December 15: Clarification on Spotters; Personal Property Tax Exemption Recommendations; and Regulatory Changes Coming Up
December 14: State Lodging Issues Update
November 14: The Latest on Short-Term Rentals
October 12: Action on Public Room Tax Reports
October 9: Short-Term Rental Law Changes Overview & Anti-Human Trafficking Video for Owners/Managers
September 29: Short-Term Rentals Issue Passage
September 26: Revised Room Tax Statute, New Clarification, UW System Per Diem Cap
September 25: Top Final State Budget Issues for Lodging
September 8: New Short-Term Rentals Plan
September 7: Lodging Overview on State Budget Issues - What Impacts You
September 6: State Budget Progress Today!
August 29: Key Issues Update
August 14: Federal Per Diem Rates Released Today!
July 20: Short Term Rentals - Legislative Contacts Needed!
June 21: State Budget Action Needed & More!
June 13: Important Clarification on Airbnb Agreements to Collect Taxes
June 8: Airbnb Agrees to Collect State Sales Taxes on their Wisconsin Room Rentals
June 2: Legislative Update
May 2: Room Tax Reports Deadline Yesterday
May 1: Room Tax Reports Due Today & More Updates
March 28: Action Day Issues, New Room Tax Online Reports, Personal Property Tax Proposal

March 24: Issues Update
March 15: Newly Added Room Tax Resource
March 13: Room Tax Tool, School Start Bill, Event Barns Bill
March 6: State Issues Update
February 23: State Senate Daily Combined Per Diem Changes for Madison Stays
February 16: Important Room Tax Refresher
February 10: School Start Date & State Budget
January 30: Proposed School Start Date Elimination Bill
January 23: School Start Date Waiver Pursued in Northwoods!
January 17: Room Tax and School Start Date Challenges Coming!

December 22: New Short Term Rentals Guide (Lodging)
November 23: Court Halts Overtime Rules With Last-Minute Ruling
August 25: Handy Roster of Final Candidates for November Elections
August 12: New Federal Per Diem Rates Released Today!
August 1: New Tourism Entity Overview Released
July 29: Human Trafficking Prevention Support
July 28: "Tourism Entity" Guide, Final State Tracker, New OT Federal Bill, Room Tax on Campground Structure Rentals
May 19: Federal Overtime Rule Changes & More in D.C. This Week
April 21: Immediate Action Needed: Urge Congress to Roll Back Extreme Overtime Regulation
April 18: VGBA Drain Cover Replacement Clarification
March 14: Residential Dwelling Rentals & Sanctuary City Legislation Stopped
March 2: A Closer Look Before Session Ends
February 12: Sanctuary Cities Bill Protest Planned Next Thursday
February 11: So Many Bills...
February 4: Tourism Entity Bill Advances
January 29: January 29, 2016 Update
January 22: Action Day Changed to Feb. 17!
January 15: Today's State Updates
January 8: Room Tax Raid & Residential Dwelling Rentals
January 6: Residential Dwelling Rentals Bill and Tourism Funding Bills

December 14: Residential Dwelling Rentals Bill Now Starting in State Senate
December 8: Residential Dwelling Rentals Bill Advancing Rapidly!
December 7: Joint Employer & Residential Dwelling Rentals Legislation - Action Needed
December 4: Alert - Room Tax Raid Planned!
November 6: Just Released DOR Local Room Tax Fact Sheet!
November 2: Important DOR Clarification on All Overnight Rentals
October 20: Room Tax Series - New Tourism Entity Overview
September 28: UW System Travel Program Changes Now Official
September 21: New UW System Travel Rates Starting October 5
September 9: New and Updated Room Tax Resources
September 1: AH&LA Action Alert! Take Action on Overtime Regulations!
August 21: New Resources on Room Tax Law Changes
August 14: Federal Lodging Per Diem Rates to Increase
July 17: Initial Updated Rooms Tax Resources
July 13: Room Tax Reform Victory, More Budget Changes
July 9: Emergency Alert: Veto Requests to Governor Needed!
July 7: Emergency Alert: Action Needed!
July 7: State Budget Moves Forward & Call to Action
June 30: June 30 Issues Update
June 25: Correction: July 1 State Rate Becomes Effective
June 23: A Win on State Lodging Per Diem Rates!
June 17: Online Travel Companies (OTCs) Tax Parity Issue
June 10: A Closer Look at Room Tax Reform
June 8: Q&A on Room Tax Reform
June 4: June 4 Capitol Update
May 28: Room Tax Reform Advances, Tourism Budget
May 15: Room Tax Reform - Action Needed
May 1: 2014 State Tourism Figures Released
April 23: Tourism Budget Update & Lobby Day Recap
April 21: April 21 State Updates
April 15: April 15 State Issues Update
March 13: State Budget & Seasonal Drinking Water System Updates
February 27: School Start Exemption, Campground Bill, Tourism Budge & More
February 17: State Budget Overview
January 19: State Budget, Legislative Directory, Campground Rules
January 7: Action Needed on ACA Definition & State Update

November 5: State & Federal Election Results Overview
October 24: Latest State & Federal Issues Update
October 8: Walworth County Federal Per Diem Rate Status
September 5: WI Candidates for Nov. 4 Elections
September 4: Federal Per Diem Reduction in Walworth Co.
August 15: Federal Per Diem Rate Changes for Wisconsin October 1
July 17: Latest on Service Animals, CO Detectors, Brand USA and More
June 13: State and Federal Elections Info
May 2: More Highway Sign (SIS) Info and New State Tourism Data Released
April 28: Blue Highway Signs and Patent Notifications Update
April 11: April 11 Issues Update
March 26: 911 Direct Dial and Patent Notifications
March 17: March 17 Issues Update
March 14: Room Tax Reform Fate Determined
March 7: Room Tax Action Needed, SIS Program, Minimum Wage, Litigation
February 26: Municipal Officials Control of Room Tax
February 24: Support Needed Today on Room Tax Reform!
February 20: Independent Properties Info on 911 Calls
February 13: February 13 Issues Update
February 7: Senate Committee Hearing on Room Tax Reform!
February 6: Blue Highway Signs
January 30: Another Room Tax Reform Amendment
January 28: Input from Independent Properties
January 8: Historic Rehab Tax Credit Guidelines